Welcome to our shiny new website

Now or Never!

With no experience in writing a blog I must confess that I have been putting it off, but as our website is now up and running, and with a bank holiday and half term on the horizon I thought it’s now or never!!

It was a hard decision to close our shop and cafe, one we didn’t take lightly, but right now we are loving our new work/life balance. Work wise, as well as sourcing gorgeous gifts ‘from Cornwall’ and afar, my fidgety fingers and creative mind can concentrate more on making for ‘MorganHerivel Designs’. More importantly for us, life wise, I’m now at home when our children finish school. Whole weekends are spent dog walking, beach combing and paddle boarding. Needless to say our coastal inspiration for work is easily fulfilled!

What you see on our website now is just the beginning. We’ve got lots more to add, and always more to make.

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