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Learning to Juggle for Six Weeks

So, here we are starting the school Summer holidays, and oh to be a child again with six weeks off to look forward to! We just want to be able to spend everyday having fun with our children, but the reality is my husband Tom is fully booked with carpentry work, and I have two online shops to keep on top of and stock to make. So time to form a plan!

Actually I started a plan this morning whilst sorting the chickens, throwing a ball for the dog and asking our children what they wanted to do today. I knew it was about time to write another blog and they knew they wanted to go to Contol Movement to do Parkour. Perfect I thought as Parkour is a two hour session which would give me plenty of time to write a blog!

Next question was where to write it? If I stay at their Parkour session I'll get distracted watching their every move (which I have to say is quite scary when you see them jumping from great heights!) It's too hot to sit in the car, and anyway I have the dog with me. It didn't take long to come up with an idea, and here I am sat in Warehouse in Penryn with the dog, my notebook and a beautiful Flat White.

Warehouse Flat White

So what will our plan for this six week juggle be? Luckily our children are 11 and 14 so can sit down and plan each day with me (not that it always goes to plan but we try!) Our son always has a project on the go, so as long as he has the tools he needs he'll happily work away in his shed. His latest project is making wooden rings. Our daughter, who is also very creative still likes to work alongside me. So my intentions are to not only help with her creations but to also involve her in mine. She's a fantastic beach comber buddy (so long as she doesn't hog all the best bits!)

We also get the kids to make a list of all the things they'd like to do during the holidays, and luckily with the lighter Summer evenings lots of these can be achieved as a family when Tom gets home from work.

So the plan is to find time each day for work whilst making the kids feel like everyday is still a fun day.

The reality is my daughter will be wanting to create something in my workspace, my son will need to use all of my tools and the dog will want to play all day. But hey ho, life is a juggling act and with a bit of practise we'll all get there in the end.

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